Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh my goshh haven't been blogging for a while didn't have time for it or I should say I cbb since I started a diary :) Anyways I think it was Friday when I actually waxed my hair up for the first time in ages and I took some photos and they turned out pretty good :)

You know you love it :) it's cool right?? RIGHT?? Lol jkz and NO it's not emo :)

Actually I wanted to get lots of different hair styles but I cbb just in case it turned out bad. I'll upload some photos :)

Look at that awesome wicked red hair. Love how it's spiking up at the back and side burns and fringe is just like mine :)

Well, this hairstyle is basically just some waxing to make it stick up more but love how the hair is layered :)

Well it's not like this hair looks good but look at the back! The back looks hell awesome but I have no idea how to make my hair look like that :(

Omggg don't you think the hair is waxed up perfectly?!? Seriously I have no idea how to make my hair look like that too! Maybe next time if I could I would love to learn how to do it :)